28th Annual Meeting of the Indian Eye Research Group

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Hyderabad, September 10-11

Prof. K. Dharmalingam, Director, AMRF chaired the D. Balasubramanian Oration Lecture. He was also elected as the President of IERG and delivered the presidential talk

Invited talks

Dr. C. Gowri Priya
–   Biology of adult ocular stem cells and their role in regenerative medicine

Dr. A. Vanniarajan
–   Epigenetic alterations in retinoblastoma

Oral presentations

Iswarya Radhakrishnan
–   Trabecular meshwork stem cell derived exosomes enhance TM cell survival and proliferation

Hanith Raj Deivarajan
–   Development and validation of a novel CRISPR/Cas12a-based nucleic acid detection platform for the diagnosis of ocular fungal infections

Poster Presentations

Saraswathi Kannan
–   Exome sequencing unveiled recurring mutations in nf-κb Pathway in ocular b-cell lymphoma

 Susmita Chowdhury
–   Analysis of microstructural changes in an x-linked juvenile Retinoschisis patient harboring rs1 g668a mutation by en-face Optical coherence tomography imaging

Sethu Nagarajana
–   Targeted modulation of e2f3 and kif14 in retinoblastoma

Shreya Dinesh
–   Understanding the role of mirna in aspergillus flavus keratitis Progression

Swathi Chadalawada
–   Identification of potential blood miRNAs for diagnosis of Intraocular tuberculosis

 Nerethika Ravichandran
–   Separation of filtering and non-filtering region of human Trabecular meshwork

P. Saranya
–   Adult human anterior lens epithelial stem cells – changes during ageing and in cataract

Waseema Arif
–   Age-related changes in the functional characteristics of adult stem cells in human retinal pigment epithelium

Swagata Ghosh
–   In-vitro infection models of fungal and amoebic keratitis reveal host cell-type and pathogen  specific features of host inflammatory response

Daipayan Banerjee
–   Deciphering the proteome signature of plasma extracellular vesicles from proliferative diabetic retinopathy patients