Dr. Bharanidharan Devarajan

Qualification M.Sc., Ph.D.
Designation Scientist
Bioinformatics and Ocular Microbiology
Aravind Medical Research Foundation
e-mail id bharani@aravind.org

Dr. D. Bharanidharan received his Bachelor’s degree (1998) in Biochemistry and finished his Master’s degree (2000) in Medical Biochemistry at Dr. ALM. Postgraduate IBMS, University of Madras. He earned his doctoral degree (2007) in Computational Biology and X-ray crystallography from the Centre for Crystallography and Biophysics at University of Madras. He then pursued his Postdoctoral research (2008-2010) in the field of structural biology on pathogenic bacterial surface proteins at University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA. Later, He pursued his Postdoctoral research (2010-2012) in membrane protein structural biology using electron crystallography at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

Dr. Bharani, specializes in ocular cancer bioinformatics and systems biology, analysis of genome-wide expression profiles of mRNA and non-coding RNAs, biological pathway analysis, and computational analysis of alternate transcripts. Dr. Bharani’s main research interest is in translational genomics of various eye disease and ocular cancer, to understanding the complexity of biological processes and to identify diagnostic molecular markers for more effective and personalized therapies.

Selected Publications:

  • Raj RK, Dhoble P, Anjanamurthy R, Chermakani P, Kumaran M, Devarajan B, et al. Genetic characterization of Stargardt clinical phenotype in South Indian patients using sanger and targeted sequencing. Eye and Vision. 2020;7(1):1-10.
  • Kandasamy K, Thirumalmuthu K, Prajna NV, Lalitha P, Mohankumar V, Devarajan B. Comparative genomics of ocular Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from keratitis patients with different clinical outcomes. Genomics. 2020;112(6):4769-76.
  • Kalaimani L, Devarajan B, Subramanian U, Ayyasamy V, Namperumalsamy VP, Veerappan M, et al. MicroRNA Profiling of Highly Enriched Human Corneal Epithelial Stem Cells by Small RNA Sequencing. Scientific reports. 2020;10(1):1-10.
  • Thirumalmuthu K, Devarajan B, Prajna L, Mohankumar V. Mechanisms of fluoroquinolone and aminoglycoside resistance in keratitis-associated Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Microbial Drug Resistance. 2019;25(6):813-23.
  • Kumaran M, Subramanian U, Devarajan B. Performance assessment of variant calling pipelines using human whole exome sequencing and simulated data. BMC bioinformatics. 2019;20(1):1-11.
  • Khedekar A, Devarajan B, Ramasamy K, Muthukkaruppan V, Kim U. Smartphone-based application improves the detection of retinoblastoma. Eye. 2019;33(6):896-901.
  • Thirumalairaj K, Abraham A, Devarajan B, Gaikwad N, Kim U, Muthukkaruppan V, et al. A stepwise strategy for rapid and cost-effective RB1 screening in Indian retinoblastoma patients. Journal of human genetics. 2015;60(9):547-52.
  • Devarajan B, Prakash L, Kannan TR, Abraham AA, Kim U, Muthukkaruppan V, et al. Targeted next generation sequencing of RB1 gene for the molecular diagnosis of Retinoblastoma. BMC cancer. 2015;15(1):1-10.
  • Young Scientist Fellowship (2015-2018) by SERB, Department of science and Technology, India.
  • Member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), USA
  • ARVO publication award (2015)
  • Recognized guide in Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU) to guide Ph.D registrants in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Recognized guide in Alagappa University to guide Ph.D registrants in Biotechnology.
  • Recognized guide in SASTRA University to guide Ph. D registrants in Chemistry and Biotechnology.
  • Best Post Presentation Award (2004) From “International Symposium on Recent Trends in Macromolecular Structure and Function”, Department of crystallography and Biophysics, University of Madras, Chennai, India
  • Research Assistant Fellowship (2001-2007) by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India to participate in the development of a comprehensive bioinformatics software package “BioSuite”