Dr. S.R. Krishnadas

Qualification DO, DNB
Designation Member, Aravind Medical Research Foundation
Director – HRD, Aravind Eye Care System
Director – Senior Medical Consultant, Glaucoma Services
Location Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

Dr R Krishnadas has been serving Aravind Eye Hospitals in various capacities for the past quarter of a century. He has been an attendant physician at the Glaucoma services at Madurai, Head of the Clinical Services, Chief Medical Officer and currently serves as the Director of Human Resources Department.

Dr. Krishnadas has been a visiting Fellow in various eye departments of major hospitals in the US including the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute of John Hopkins University, Wilmer Eye Institute and the Ophthalmology Department of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.   He has been actively involved in patient care, training and teaching of Post Graduates and Ophthalmologists in the specialty of Glaucoma.  He has been an invited faculty at the Glaucoma Society of India, All India Ophthalmological Society, and the Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand Ophthalmological Societies.

Dr. Krishna Das has also been part of several research initiatives conducted in glaucoma at Aravind including the study of epidemiology of glaucoma in South India, and role of genetics and proteomic studies in glaucoma and is collaborating to evolve automated detection solutions for early diagnosis of glaucoma in the community. He has co-authored close to 40 peer reviewed publications.

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  • Oration Awards from the Orissa Ophthalmological Society, Jharkhand Ophthalmological Society, and the Coimbatore Chapter of the Indian Medical Association.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his contribution to patient care, teaching and research in Glaucoma by the Silver Jubilee Scientific Committee of the National Institute of Ophthalmology, Pune.
  • He has made oral presentations in Asia ARVO, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Conferences as well as in the International Society of Geographic Epidemiology and Ophthalmology.