Research Facility Training Programme on Genetic Testing Techniques

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AMRF, 29th February

As an integral component of the SERB-LHON project, AMRF organised a one-day research facility training programme on Genetic testing techniques as part of the scientific social responsibility programme (SERB-SSR). The programme consisted of two modules: the first covering DNA isolation and quantitation, and the second focusing on Sanger sequencing. Dr. P. Sundaresan, the Principal Investigator and Convenor of the programme, elucidated the fundamentals of ophthalmic genetics and its application in molecular diagnosis. In his concluding remarks, Prof. K. Dharmalingam, Director, Research, AMRF, emphasised the significance of epigenetics and its implications on human diseases. Thereafter, certificates were distributed to all the participants by Prof. K. Dharmalingam. The programme saw active participation from 30 students representing 14 different colleges in the vicinity of Madurai, spanning across 8 distinct academic departments.